Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Why Suicide.....???!!!


At present in Sri Lanka, the increasing number of suicides is a major social problem. Intellectuals, millionaires, politicians, poets etc have committed suicide all over the world. The main reason for this is as follows:

a. Frustration

b. Fear of punishment

c. Fear of insult, abuse etc

d. Fear of torture, rape etc

e. Poverty

f. Scandals

g. Continuous torture (sexual or otherwise), mental agony

h. Neglect (old and sick people)

i. Not wishing to be a problem to others

j. Incurable disease

k. Financial loss, inability to settle debts

l. Death of a beloved relation

m. Self pity - punishing themselves for sins committed.

I give below some signs that parents of young people should watch out for.

1. Watch your children's change in behaviour (silence, sudden anger, refusal to eat, preferring to stay alone especially in a dark room)

2. Never compare your children with others and insult them in public.

3. Discuss things with your children. If necessary, obtain proper medical treatment or counselling.

4. If he is an addict (liquor, drugs etc) extra affection should be shown. If necessary take him to a suitable asylum.

5. Teach your children about the importance of a balanced life. Please discipline yourself so that you could be an example to your children. This is important.

S. R. Balachandran


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