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What is Child Abuse............???

What is Child Abuse?

Child Abuse consists of any Act or Failure to Act that endangers a child's Physical or Emotional Health and Development.

No matter what the abuse the result will be an imbalanced scarred individual who would in the long term pose serious problems to oneself and society.

As in the slogan "Today's Abused become tomorrow's Abusers"

Taking society as a whole who is most accountable for child abuse?

•Parents are responsible for at least 80% of child abuse and negligence. •Reporting is done by only a few who have the courage to do so. For each abuse reported thousands go unreported.
•Taking children as a whole majority of the victims are children under six years who account for at least 85% of abuse, negligence or abandonment.

What are the root causes and contributing factors for Child Abuse?

There are many different underlying causes ranging from individual to social factors.

•Marital Discord and Separation. •Domestic Violence
•Alcoholism or Drug addiction
•Unemployment and Poverty
•Low levels of Tolerance and Frustration
•Unable to control Anger or Stress
•Lacking necessary Coping Skills •Immaturity of adults or Caretakers
•Unrealistic Expectations of Children
•Isolation from Family or Community
•Physical or Mental Health Issues
•An adult’s own negative childhood experience
•Absence of a Strong Religious Foundation
What message do you have for those guilty of abuse?

•Seek necessary help - Professional, Medical, Religious, Counselling etc.

What are the reasons and failure to report abuse?

There are many reasons that could outweigh the decision to report abuse

•Victims may be unaware that they are being abused.
•Victims may feel responsible for the abuse.
•Fear of possible repercussions and retaliation from the perpetrator •Fear of consequences could be even worse than being victimized again. •Fear of dealing with law enforcement authorities. •Fear of embarrassment, Discrimination, Stigmatization and Shame
•In the case of child prostitution - many are bought over by material things and parents who are paid for the services of their children most often condone the abuse.
Actions one may take to help

•The most important action is to report abuse even if you suspect it, keeping in mind that just one phone call could save a child's life.
Physical Abuse

•Any act which results in a non-accidental trauma or physical injury" •Is the most visible form of abuse (an injury resulting from physical aggression) •This represents unreasonable, severe corporal and unjustifiable punishment. •It usually happens when a frustrated or angry parent, care giver, teacher etc. unaware of the magnitude of force strikes a child.

•Frequent acts of physical violence - burning, biting, beating, kicking, punching etc.

•Injury or death
•Lifelong health problems
•Delinquency (criminal behaviors)
•Antisocial behavior
•Substance abuse
•Aggressive behavior
•Spousal and child abuse later on in life
Sexual Abuse

•Any sexual act between an adult and a child and or any misuse of a child for sexual pleasure or gratification.
•Is the most under-reported form of child maltreatment because of the secrecy or "conspiracy of silence".

•Indecent exposure or exhibitionism
•Exposing children to pornographic material
•Sexual intercourse and its deviations
•Incest or rape
•Engaging a child for the purposes of prostitution
•Using a child to film, photograph or model pornography.

•Behavioral problems
•Posttraumatic stress disorder
•Over compulsive behavior
•Development of fears and phobias
•Development of tension symptoms (stomach aches and skin disorders, excessive bathing etc)
•Deep depression
Emotional Abuse

•The systematic tearing down of another human being" •It is the cruelest and most destructive of all types of abuse. It leaves hidden scars that manifest themselves in numerous ways.
•Due to the absence of marks or other physical evidence, this becomes the most difficult form of child maltreatment to identify and stop.
•Many times the parent is physically present but emotionally unavailable.

•Displaying terrorizing acts •Ignoring a child's emotional needs
•Ridiculing, criticizing, verbally abusing •Manipulating a child for selfish motives
•Depriving a child from own family

•Mental Disorders
•Poor self-esteem and self confidence
•Destructive, angry and cruelty acts

•Type of maltreatment which fails to provide needed age-appropriate care" •More children suffer from neglect than from physical and sexual abuse combined. •Neglect is a type of abuse that is an act of omission (of not doing something) •It is usually an ongoing pattern of inadequate care and is detected by individuals in close contact with the child.

•Child abandonment
•Depriving a child of school and education
•Displaying extreme spousal abuse in the child's presence
•Neglecting a child's medical needs or withholding medical care
•Inadequate Supervision

•Severely impacts a child's development
•Compounded medical problems . Injury or Death
•Low self-esteem or suicide . destructive behaviour
•Repeat negative behaviours as an adult

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