Thursday, July 23, 2009

How to minimize the risk of heart attacks...!!!

How to minimize the risk of heart D P Atukorale

1) All Sri Lankans especially those above the age of 40 years should get a medical check-up;

(a) If you have a strong family history of heart disease;

(b) If you you are a smoker;

(c) If you consume excessive amounts of alcohol;

(d) If you you are obese or overweight;

(e) If your blood pressure is over 130/80

(F) If you your fasting blood sugar is over 110mg per dl and;

(g) If you have too much of stress.

(2) Avoid Following. Items Of Food as Far as Possible

(a) Deep-fried food items especially if vegetable oil has been used for deep-frying;

(b) Cheese , butter and ghee and cut down the amount of full cream milk;

(c) Red meat;

(d) junk foods such as hot-dogs and hamburgers

(e) Do not consume too much, of sugar and sweets

(f) Avoid food items with excessive amounts of salt;

(g) Do not consume excessive amounts of alcohol and

(h) Do not use vegetable oils for repeated frying (deep frying)

3) Consume Following Food Items

(a) Consume plenty of vegetables and fruits

(b) Take complex carbohydrates. Avoid polished rice

(c) Take garlic in moderations ;

(d) Drink three to five cups of tea a day

(e) Take dhal and soya products (which are full of essential amino acids vitamins and minerals) regularly;

(4) You must see your family physician at least once in two years.

(5) You must take regular exercises such as brisk walking, cycling, swimming or jogging. Do these exercises at least four times a week.

(6) If you are obese or overweight take dietary advice from your family physician or dietitian.

(7) If you have stress reduce your stress by keeping yourself active in mind and body. Avoid tension - forming situations causing fear, anxiety, jealousy and anger. You must ‘recognize and withdraw from stressful conditions.

(8) If your blood lipids (fats) such as L.D.L. (bad) cholesterol and serum triglycerides are elevated follow the advice of your doctor or your dietitian. Your stomach no longer can continue as a garbage bin for uncontrolled appetite. You can minimize the risk of getting a heart attack by observing above simple precautions. A good proportion of heart attacks among Sri Lankans can be prevented. It is useless trying to put out fires after they have started. An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.


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