Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Be kind to yourself, be proud of yourself, get comfortable being who you are because you will be ‘that’ a long time.!!!

- Lional Wijesiri

My Dear Son,

I suspect most people are never 100 percent happy with themselves and that is a good thing. A little self-criticism goes a long way. But in general be kind to yourself, be proud of yourself, get comfortable being who you are because you will be ‘that’ a long time. I think you are a great guy and tell you so often.

We spend so much of our time waiting to be loved, hoping love will find us, searching, yearning for that special love, feeling empty and lost without it, wanting someone to give us love and fill us up. Unfortunately, that’s not usually how life works. You will draw exactly what you create in life and what you believe you are worthy of. So loving yourself can create love in your life.

When you expect love from an external source and someone or something does not fulfil your void and fantasies, then you will feel worse than before.

The guy who is calm, cool, tidy, modest and strong is the one who has his internal act together. He knows who he is and he’s comfortable with it. He may work on making it better or even changing himself in some ways but only to advance, not because he doesn’t like what’s there now.

That wasn’t me for the first three decades of my life. I didn’t like who I was and I didn’t have control of my life. I’m still not wild about me but I’ve got used to me. My life is pretty good but it would have been so much better if I’d got it together twenty years sooner. Perhaps I can save you going the long way around.

Post this affirmation up someplace where you will see it each and every day; ‘I have the courage to believe that I am worthy of love.’ Read it out loud, every day, at least once.

Do three things a day, to change yourself into your dream person: if it is gaining or losing weight, then take a step by exercising or swimming for 20 minutes. If you want to ace your midterms, study harder.

If you need to become more organized and stop procrastinating then start cleaning and maintaining a place for every single item. Do what is on your to-do list by scheduling yourself.

Those are examples of three things to do in one day, to further a goal of someone becoming more fit, working towards a great career and gaining the mental clarity from the liberation of clutter! Achieving your goals, can make you love yourself much more because you are building a foundation for your own life and character

Learn to let go. There are a lot of people out there that have had hard lives or bad beginnings. It is important to let go of all the pain that is still inside you from that bad experience. This is often the hardest part of the journey, but once you’ve done it, you will really benefit from it.

Yours forever, Thaththi/FATHER

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