Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Golden rules for happiness,,,,!!!

Golden rules for happiness

It is very important for us to secure happy life (married or unmarried). Even if a sacrifice is made for the benefit of others you should be happy (for example blood donation).

An employee who is sincere in his work earns job satisfaction and make his life interesting.

Money, social status, high positions, comforts etc are not the symbols of happiness. As the time goes on, they lose their glamour. It could be seen that people from low-income group are happy as their expectations are low and limited. On the contrary, even millionaires are not happy as they have ever-increasing urge which results in mental depression.

They take liquor, smoke, narcotic drugs etc, to control mental depression. Some commit suicide also.

I quote below seven golden rules to secure happiness.

Balanced life
Money is not everything though its importance could not be denied. Healthy life is better than wealthy life as you could enjoy the comforts earned by you. Adequate exercise, good eating habbits, proper rest (both body and mind) sound sleep, meditation, avoidance of liquor, smoke, drugs, fatty animal foods, unsafe sex etc. make your life interesting. Create a good sense of humour which is very important. Laughter is the best medicine.

Illegal matters
Never get involved in illegal matters. Dealing in smuggled goods, bribery, forgery, frauds etc have to be avoided. Tax evasion is also a criminal offence. A fear would be planted in your mind and to escape from legal consequence you may get involved further.

Goodwill earned by you for the past several years will vanish and your image would be tarnished. Have a clear and open mind when approaching your problems.

Clear conscious
Please be true to yourself. Do not betray your own mind. Take decisions after consulting others, experts etc if necessary. But decision-making should be in your hands with a clear mind.

Past mistakes
Never regret for the past mistakes. You may have missed good education, job opportunities, good habits etc in the past. Once you realize your mistakes please take corrective actions and create a new life. It is better to light a candle than cursing the dark forever.

Please show more affection than what you receive from others. Kindly look after your employees, family members, parents and those who depend on your assistance. This attitude itself creates happiness.

Whenever you have opportunities please enjoy in a proper way which makes others also happy. Share your pleasure with others. They say in India, Punjabis enjoy their life the most as they always have celebrations. New year, weddings, birthday festivals etc. They wait for an opportunity to celebrate. This is the secret of their happiness. A smiling face is equal to thousand roses.

Please give more than what is expected from you. It need not be money but includes services as well. In your workplace your output should be more than what is expected from you. It gives job satisfaction and secures positions, increments etc. Spend some time on charity.

You could visit an orphanage regularly and look after the inmates by offering meals, sweets, clothes and entertainments.

Late John F Kennedy once said "Do not think what America can do for you but think of what you can do for America". Please be a patriotic by an action and not by your words only.

Once you leave this world, people could fondly remember your good deeds and definitely not your money. It is better to do a service to all and be happy.

I sincerely believe that this message is acceptable to all concerned.

I look forward a happy and prosperous Sri Lanka 2011.

S R Balachandran

Council Member

The National Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka


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