Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Smile is priceless........!!!

Smile is priceless
Words are what we use most often to communicate, but we transfer a lot of ideas from one person to another using other means. For example, we smile.

A smile is a complex way of indicating what we think because there are so many ways to smile. We smile to indicate we're amused. We smile to indicate we are pleased. If we wish to let a person know that we agree with what he or she said, we smile as a mark of affirmation.

Some people have compulsive smiles. Even when they tell a sad story, they smile. I frown more than most people and smile less often, but I don't think my reaction to the world is any less positive than anyone else's. Smiling just doesn't come naturally.

The best smiles come unbidden. You don't always decide to smile. Often your mouth widens and the corners turn up slightly without you deciding to do it. That's why smiles are so good. The best ones are unplanned.

Smiling is such a great way to create a positive in your days. Smile can be defined this way:






These are some of the things one can find in a smile.

Sensitivity - When you smile at the someone you are conveying a number of things. Several of them I'm going to expand on here. For S stands for Sensitivity. A smile lets the person you are having a conversation with know that you are sensitive and in tune with what they are saying.

Maturity - Smiling conveys a sense of maturity because if you can smile during those times that you least feel the desire to smile, you show maturity and growth as a person. You are letting people know that even in the hard times a positive attitude is valued above the irrational.

Insurance - A warm smile tells people that you value them and lets them know that you are in fact listening to what they have to say. So smile and be genuinely interested in the people around you.

Leverage - Leverage sounds a bit manipulative but I don't mean it in that sense. A smile makes you much more approachable and therefore you are more likeable.

If closer relationships with the family or the people you work with is what you desire, then try smiling more openly.

Emotion - Lastly, but definitely not least, your smile conveys love. Everyone likes to feel loved and can use more of it in their lives. So love them with your smile.

Believe it or not smiling takes less effort to wear than a frown so save yourself the energy and smile often.

The benefits of having the smile returned and the positives of a warm attitude are well worth it.

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