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Green tea helps you to reduce weight

Tea, a blend of green tea, spearmint, grape seed and olive leaf, is said to cut blood pressure and make it easier for the body to process sugar.

Three cups of green tea a day could keep obesity at bay.

Research shows the tea helps the pounds melt away, even while still eating junk food.

Spearole Tea, a blend of green tea, spearmint, grape seed and olive leaf, also cuts blood pressure and makes it easier for the body to process sugar, a medical conference will hear tomorrow.

Researcher Dr. Lindsay Brown said: ‘If someone had told me you could do all these things with something as simple as green tea with olive extract I would said they’d been out in the sun too long.

‘It is simply amazing.’

Dr. Brown, a pharmacologist at Brisbane’s Queensland University, studied the effect of the tea on the health of a group of rats.

The creatures were fed a fat and sugar-laden diet which caused the amount of fat around their bellies to double in eight weeks and their blood pressure to soar.

When Spearole Tea was added to their diet, their waistlines and their blood pressure quickly returned to normal.

This was despite the continuing to eat junk food, the Australian Health and Medical Research Congress will hear.

Dr. Brown said it was likely three cups of the tea a day could also help people stay trim, improving overall health.

Warning that the obesity epidemic threatened to wipe out the gains achieved by improvements to heart health, he said: ‘The UK, the US and Australia all have something like 60 per cent of the adult population overweight or obese.

‘The decrease in cardiovascular mortality in the last 40 years has added on average six years to life expectancy.

‘That is the biggest increase in life expectancy in one generation in the history of the species.

‘The control of cardiovascular disease has had an amazing effect on survival and that is at risk from obesity.’

Dr. Brown said that experiments showed ibuprofen also help shed weight, however their side-effects mean they are unlikely to ever be recommended for such a purpose.

It is thought that both the drugs and the tea work by stopping the fat cells from releasing inflammatory chemicals that attract more fat causing them to grow in size.

The olive and grape components of the tea, which costs around 15 pence a cup, are likely to have a similar effect, while the spearmint adds to the flavour.

Dr.. Brown, whose research was funded by Spearole Tea’s manufacturer, Dr. Red Nutraceuticals, said: ‘The tea product is a safe and effective food alternative for confronting obesity and cardiovascular disease since the long-term use of anti-inflammatory drugs in reversing weight gain is not viable.’

Previous studies have credited green tea with the ability to cut appetite and cholesterol and even cut the risk of cancer.

The Daily Telegraph


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